Ethical. Experienced. Strong.

Kevin Felder: A 30-year champion for Dallas, fighting for your rights and interests without compromise.

  • Backing our Police & Fire Department with a starting pay of $60,000 annually.
  • Spearheading housing initiatives, creating jobs, and enhancing community safety.
  • Tackling code violations and crime hotspots for a safer neighborhood.
  • Voting against polluting batch plants to protect Joppee.
  • Standing against the Trinity River Toll Road, safeguarding our environment and community.

Together, let’s build a safer, cleaner, and prosperous Dallas!


Accessible & Engaging

  • Conducted 50 Town Hall meetings during my first term, providing the community with access to me, city resources, and fostering open communication with constituents.
  • Established a district office at the MLK Center.
  • Scheduled quarterly City Council Meetings in the evening at various local locations.
  • Engaged in active listening and assisted residents in resolving issues important to them.


  • Secured $67 million in bond funds for streets and libraries in District 7.
  • Secured an additional $50 million in bond funds for the renovation of Fair Park.
  • Allocated $4 million in bond funds for streets, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters in the Joppee community.

Economic Development

  • The establishment of five businesses not only injected fresh energy into our community but also generated 50 new job opportunities, boosting employment prospects for local residents.
  • The construction of 250 new homes has significantly expanded our community’s residential landscape. This initiative not only addresses the growing housing demand but also enhances the overall quality of life for our residents.
  • By hosting the internationally acclaimed exhibition, ‘Jefferson’s Slavery at Monticello,’ at the African American Museum, we attracted an impressive 80,000 visitors. This cultural event not only enriched our community but also had a substantial economic impact, contributing $2 million to our local businesses and services.
Ferris wheel

Building an Economic Engine at Fair Park

Fought for and Successfully negotiated $50 Million in renovations for Fair Park:

  • African American Museum $2 Million
  • Hall of State $14.4 Million
  • Music Hall $4.3 Million
  • Texas Discovery Garden $300k
  • Food & Fiber Building $ 1.5 Million
  • Coliseum $ 9.5 Million
  • Tower Building $ 3.5 Million
  • Centennial Building $ 4.4 Million
  • Pan American Arena $ 3.4 Million
  • Science Place 1 Phase 1 $ 5.1 Million
  • Aquarium Annex $ 600k
  • Magnolia Lounge $ 900k


We make change happen TOGETHER

  • No company donations may be accepted. LLC, Sole Proprietorships ok
  • Maximum individual contribution is $3,300.
  • Political action committee donations are above $3,300.
  • You may mail checks to PO BOX 570114, Dallas, Texas 75357

All donations are appreciated. No donation is too small.

Get Involved!

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