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Kevin's life story is a testament to resilience and determination. Growing up as the youngest of six children in a single-parent household marked by tragedy, Kevin faced adversity early on. Losing his mother at the age of 5, he watched his father courageously raise six kids in poverty. Becoming a single father himself at 18, Kevin excelled academically, becoming an honor student actively involved in Student Council, Junior Achievement, Youth Conservation Corps, and Boy's State.

As a high school sophomore, Kevin served as a page in the Indiana House of Representatives and earned the title of Honorary Secretary of State. Kevin pursued higher education at Indiana University, The University of Texas at Dallas, and Richland College, earning degrees in Business Administration and Real Estate.

For over 25 years, Kevin has been a successful real estate broker, specializing in corporate relocation. He holds six real estate designations, demonstrating his expertise and commitment to excellence.

As a resident of U.S. House District 32 in Far East Dallas for the past 25 years, Kevin has been deeply involved in the Dallas County Democratic Party. Serving as a Precinct Chair for over two decades, an Election Judge, and Chair of the House District 100 Advisory Committee, Kevin has attended every Texas Senatorial and State Convention since 1986.

In 2017-2019, Kevin served as a Dallas City Councilman, dedicated to community service. However, his commitment faced an unexpected challenge. On February 13, 2019, an incident led to a false hit-and-run accusation, creating a significant hurdle. Despite the adversity, the case was dropped on June 16, 2022, due to lack of evidence.

Kevin's journey reflects Booker T. Washington's words, "Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life, as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed." Join Kevin in overcoming obstacles and building a stronger future for District 32.

Church: St. Luke "Community" United Methodist Church


Richland College

Indiana University

University of Texas at Dallas


  • Former Dallas City Councilman District 7
  • Real Estate Broker / Small Business Owner
  • Region 11 Chair of NBCLEO, National League of Cities
  • Real Estate Designations: ABR, CRP, GDS, TCLS, TCLPM
  • Adjunct Professor of Real Estate at Richland College (former)

Board Service:

  • Former DISD, Vice Chair, School Naming Committee
  • Former City of Dallas, Vickery Meadows TIF Board, 9 years
  • Former, Dallas County Grand Jury, Foreman/Assistant Foreman
  • Former DISD Site Based Decision Making Committee for District 9
  • Former Chair, Fair Housing Committee, Metrotex Association of Realtors
  • Former Board Member: Southern Dallas Development Corporation, 5 years

Community Service:

  • Precinct Chairman #1065
  • NAACP Political Action Chair
  • NAACP, Executive Committee
  • Election Judge Precinct #1065
  • President, Dallas Branch NAACP
  • Won NAACP Freedom Fighter Award 2014
  • Former Vice President, Progressive Voters League-A New Era
  • Founder & Former President of Hillview Terrace Homeowners Association

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